Baby Einstein Party Ideas

Baby Einstein Party Ideas


Everyone knows that when you set a theme for a child’s birthday party, it automatically becomes more exciting and memorable to everyone involved. A Baby Einstein Party can set the tone for an adventure filled party that is sure to please. Not only will the children enjoy the fun of seeing all their favorite Baby Einstein characters, but the adventure will keep smiles on all their faces.

You will want to start in the planning stage with Baby Einstein themed party invitations. You can purchase these from many stores and there are even places online where you will be able to find Baby Einstein party invitations that you can customize and print out at your convenience. A few ways in which you can personalize them even more is to include a picture of your child, or even a pair of Baby Einstein glasses, so that children can comes dressed for the part.

Next, you will want to put some thought into the themed cake and snacks. While a good many grocery and department stores will gladly customize a cake for you, some themes are off limits due to copyright issues. But, in this case, there are definitely some ways to get around that. You could have them transpose a picture of your little one reading his favorite Baby Einstein book, playing with his favorite Baby Einstein toy or dressed as their favorite Baby Einstein character. You might also choose to go a cheaper route and bake your own cupcakes that you could then decorate in any one of a number of ways.

Next come the party decorations and you can literally do anything you would like. We have some ideas that might help you however, and suggest any of the following as decorating ideas:

  • Personalized banner shaped like a caterpillar and featuring pictures of your little one or favorite pieces of artwork that they have created themselves.
  • A centerpiece made of brightly colored balloons embellished with swirling ribbons, or a photo display.
  • Table embellishments can include individual party favors at each seat and personalized confetti strewn over the table.
  • Goodie bags that could include candy and trinkets can be personalized for each guest, with their name and possibly even a picture.
  • To go along with the discovery theme, you could also label everything with a title and color, and you could even label them in two or three different languages.
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