Baby Einstein Reviews

Baby Einstein Reviews


Parents rave about Baby Einstein in reviews, saying that their babies love the product and are able to focus on the content for a half an hour or more. Not only do the videos encourage learning new things but also bonding and family time, something that tends to get lost in today’s busyness.

Here you can see some amazing reviews from people around the world:

Aleishac ( Excellent – Amazing DVD’s !!! what a great investment, my hubby bought the Baby Beethoveen and from about 2 months old bub started watching it … as time went on she got more and more into it (she’d laugh in the same spots, squealed at the lion! very cute) so we bought a box set from the U.S.

Nicoleon ( Entertaining the wonderful – My little one loves these DVDs. I actually am able to go do something for 20 or 30 minutes while she watches them (sometimes I can throw it on repeat and stretch that to 40 minutes!).

Christopher Geyeron ( Amazing value – Paying attention to what your baby is receptive to is really important when buying educational materials or toys for them. My daughter is consistently interested in watching Baby Einstein videos so I have made them a part of our weekly routine. We watch them mostly in the minivan.

If you want to see more customer reviews, just google it. Enjoy it!

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