What is Baby Einstein

What is Baby Einstein


Baby Einstein is a line of products geared specifically towards infants and toddlers, making use of multimedia toys and interactive games and activities for learning, especially along the lines of vocabulary and speech. The company previously owned by Disney was started in 1996 and continues to have a huge following presently.

Baby Einstein is particularly focused towards your baby’s “first’s” and have DVD series’ such as Discovering the Sky, Discovering Water, and Discovering Seasons. Another set of DVD’s focus on first words, based on settings such as the body, things in the home, around town, instruments and more.

The toys from this company have a great deal of music involved, as well as bright, easy to manipulate features that aid in honing a baby’s coordination skills. Books, toy instruments, plush animals and activity centers reach to engage the senses with a plethora of information from which babies can learn and reach their milestones with.

Babies from a few months of age up to the toddler stage have found these videos to be entertaining and academic in nature. These children are willing to sit and watch these videos when other videos fail to catch, and keep, their attention for very long.

Many of the Baby Einstein videos come in set, and when your child outgrows them, you can choose either to save them for your next child, a younger one, or you can even present them to a friend as a gift for their new baby. It is sure to be a hit, as most babies prefer Baby Einstein, even over such long time favorites as Sesame Street.

Overall, the Baby Einstein line has something for each and every child, no matter what their “favorite” is, or what stage they might be at.

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